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The recruiting process is ever evolving and can be hard to navigate successfully if you’re not familiar with the current strategy. Recruiting Coordinator, DeWayne Patterson, can provide guidance through this process. He has helped many football players through the recruitment process, and is currently working with various high school athletes to help them achieve their recruitment goals. In addition, he has many contacts across the country in various collegiate levels. He is up-to-date on the best way to market yourself, promote your skills and get college recruiters to notice you. It’s not an overnight process, and should really begin for those serious athletes at an early stage in their high school career, sometimes even in middle school. Back in the day, if you were good, colleges found you. In this day and age, an athlete has to be more proactive in promoting themselves. 

Recruitment Package: $200

Personal 2 hour session with John Charles or DeWayne Patterson, the athlete and his parents. Coaches will explain the process to the family and map out a strategy specific to that player.
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